RUSSELL Historical Data Archive

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RUT.INRussell 2000RUSSELLIndex
RUI.INRussell 1000RUSSELLIndex
RUTMINI.INRussell Mini 2000RUSSELLIndex
R1ELCTR.INRussell 1000 Equal Weight Total ReturnRUSSELLIndex
R1ELC.INRussell 1000 Equal Weight IndexRUSSELLIndex
R1RGSCD.INRussell 1000 Index Consumer DiscretionaryRUSSELLIndex
R1RGSCS.INRussell 1000 Consumer StaplesRUSSELLIndex
R1RGSFS.INRussell 1000 Financial ServicesRUSSELLIndex
R25IGTR.INRussell 2500 Growth Total ReturnRUSSELLIndex
R25IG.INRussell 2500 GrowthRUSSELLIndex
R25ITR.INRussell 2500 Total ReturnRUSSELLIndex
R25IVTR.INRussell 2500 Value Total ReturnRUSSELLIndex
R25IV.INRussell 2500 ValueRUSSELLIndex
R25I.INRussell 2500RUSSELLIndex
R2ESCTR.INRussell 2000 Equal Weight Total ReturnRUSSELLIndex
R2ESC.INRussell 2000 Equal Weight IndexRUSSELLIndex
R2RGSCD.INRussell 2000 Consumer DiscretionaryRUSSELLIndex
R2RGSCS.INRussell 2000 Consumer StaplesRUSSELLIndex
R2RGSFS.INRussell 2000 Financial ServicesRUSSELLIndex
RAGTR.INRussell 3000 Growth Total ReturnRUSSELLIndex
RAG.INRussell 3000 GrowthRUSSELLIndex
RAVTR.INRussell 3000 Value Total ReturnRUSSELLIndex
RAV.INRussell 3000 ValueRUSSELLIndex
RLGTR.INRussell 1000 Growth Total ReturnRUSSELLIndex
RLG.INRussell 1000 GrowthRUSSELLIndex
RLVTR.INRussell 1000 Value Total ReturnRUSSELLIndex
RLV.INRussell 1000 ValueRUSSELLIndex
RMCCGTR.INRussell Midcap Growth Total ReturnRUSSELLIndex
RMCCG.INRussell Midcap GrowthRUSSELLIndex
RMCCTR.INRussell Midcap Total ReturnRUSSELLIndex
RMCCVTR.INRussell Midcap Value Total ReturnRUSSELLIndex
RMCCV.INRussell Midcap ValueRUSSELLIndex
RMCC.INRussell MidcapRUSSELLIndex
RMEMCTR.INRussell Midcap Equal Weight Total ReturnRUSSELLIndex
RMEMC.INRussell MidCap Equal Weight IndexRUSSELLIndex
RSCCGTR.INRussell Small Cap Completeness Growth Total ReturnRUSSELLIndex
RSCCG.INRussell Small Cap Completeness GrowthRUSSELLIndex
RSCCTR.INRussell Small Cap Completeness Total ReturnRUSSELLIndex
RSCCVTR.INRussell Small Cap Completeness Value Total ReturnRUSSELLIndex
RSCCV.INRussell Small Cap Completeness ValueRUSSELLIndex
RSCC.INRussell Small Cap CompletenessRUSSELLIndex
RT200G.INRussell Top 200 GrowthRUSSELLIndex
RT200TR.INRussell Top 200 Total ReturnRUSSELLIndex
RT200V.INRussell Top 200 ValueRUSSELLIndex
RT200.INRussell Top 200RUSSELLIndex
RU50TR.INRussell Top 50 Total ReturnRUSSELLIndex
RU50.INRussell Top 50 Mega CapRUSSELLIndex
RUATR.INRussell 3000 Total ReturnRUSSELLIndex
RUA.INRussell 3000RUSSELLIndex
RUIMINI.INRussell Mini 1000RUSSELLIndex
RUITR.INRussell 1000 Total ReturnRUSSELLIndex
RUJTR.INRussell 2000 Value Total ReturnRUSSELLIndex
RUJ.INRussell 2000 ValueRUSSELLIndex
RUMICTR.INRussell Microcap Total ReturnRUSSELLIndex
RUMIC.INRussell MicrocapRUSSELLIndex
RUOTR.INRussell 2000 Growth Total ReturnRUSSELLIndex
RUO.INRussell 2000 GrowthRUSSELLIndex
RUTTR.INRussell 2000 Total ReturnRUSSELLIndex
R1HBTA.INRussell 1000 High BetaRUSSELLIndex
R1HMTM.INRussell 1000 High MomentumRUSSELLIndex
R1HVOL.INRussell 1000 Hi VolatilityRUSSELLIndex
R1LBTA.INRussell 1000 Low BetaRUSSELLIndex
R1LVOL.INRussell 1000 Low VolatilityRUSSELLIndex
R2HBTA.INRussell 2000 High BetaRUSSELLIndex
R2HMTM.INRussell 2000 High MomentumRUSSELLIndex
R2HVOL.INRussell 2000 Hi VolatilityRUSSELLIndex
R2LBTA.INRussell 2000 Low BetaRUSSELLIndex
R2LVOL.INRussell 2000 Low VolatilityRUSSELLIndex
R1HBTATR.INRussell 1000 High Beta Ttl RtnRUSSELLIndex
R1HMTMTR.INRussell 1000 High Momentum Ttl RtnRUSSELLIndex
R1HVOLTR.INRussell 1000 Hi Volatility Ttl RtnRUSSELLIndex
R1LBTATR.INRussell 1000 Low Beta Ttl RtnRUSSELLIndex
R1LVOLTR.INRussell 1000 Low Volatility Ttl RtnRUSSELLIndex
R2HBTATR.INRussell 2000 High Beta Ttl RtnRUSSELLIndex
R2HMTMTR.INRussell 2000 High Momentum Ttl RtnRUSSELLIndex
R2HVOLTR.INRussell 2000 Hi Volatility Ttl RtnRUSSELLIndex
R2LBTATR.INRussell 2000 Low Beta Ttl RtnRUSSELLIndex
R2LVOLTR.INRussell 2000 Low Volatility Ttl RtnRUSSELLIndex
R2VC10ER.INRussell 2000 Daily Volatility Control 10% ERRUSSELLIndex
R2VC10TR.INRussell 2000 Daily Volatility Control 10% TRRUSSELLIndex
R2VC12ER.INRussell 2000 Daily Volatility Control 12% ERRUSSELLIndex
R2VC12TR.INRussell 2000 Daily Volatility Control 12% TRRUSSELLIndex
R2VC15ER.INRussell 2000 Daily Volatility Control 15% ERRUSSELLIndex
R2VC15TR.INRussell 2000 Daily Volatility Control 15% TRRUSSELLIndex
RT200GTR.INRussell Top 200 Growth Total ReturnRUSSELLIndex
RT200VTR.INRussell Top 200 Value Total ReturnRUSSELLIndex
RU1000DFTR.INRussell 1000 Defensive Index Total ReturnRUSSELLIndex
RU1000DF.INRussell 1000 Defensive IndexRUSSELLIndex
RU1000DYTR.INRussell 1000 Dynamic Index Total ReturnRUSSELLIndex
RU1000DY.INRussell 1000 Dynamic IndexRUSSELLIndex
RU2000DFTR.INRussell 2000 Defensive Index Total ReturnRUSSELLIndex
RU2000DF.INRussell 2000 Defensive IndexRUSSELLIndex
RU2000DYTR.INRussell 2000 Dynamic Index Total ReturnRUSSELLIndex
RU2000DY.INRussell 2000 Dynamic IndexRUSSELLIndex
RU3000DFTR.INRussell 3000 Defensive Index Total ReturnRUSSELLIndex
RU3000DF.INRussell 3000 Defensive IndexRUSSELLIndex
RU3000DYTR.INRussell 3000 Dynamic Index Total ReturnRUSSELLIndex
RU3000DY.INRussell 3000 Dynamic IndexRUSSELLIndex
RLGNET.INRussell 1000 Growth Net Total ReturnRUSSELLIndex
RLVNET.INRussell 1000 Value Net Total ReturnRUSSELLIndex
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